"I went from needing medication every day, to living free from medication." 

Before I went to Growing in Grace Ministries (GGM), I had suffered from fibromyalgia for 10 years. 

I basically went to work and then slept from dinner until the next day.  I had extreme fatigue and pain. In addition, I was on 5 medications and suffered from depression and anxiety attacks.  I was missing out on my life, my kids, and my husband.  My day revolved around when I could go home and sleep again.

The process of inner healing came from a point of desperation where I just could not live like that any longer. My pain was indescribable, and my marriage was failing.

On the first visit to GGM, I felt like I could see in color for the first time in my life. I knew that when Vikki prayed over me, healing had begun in my body. I felt energized. Walking through the healing process was not something that happened in a second; it was work to train my default thoughts to be different.

I had to transform my mind into believing the truths that God says about me.

I was consistent in praying Godly beliefs over myself and my marriage. I felt like GGM was my cheer squad throughout that journey. With my doctor's approval, I dropped each medication wisely and one at a time. I went from needing medication each day to living free from medication. My husband boldly prayed over me each day.

The first step to my healing was to believe what God says over my life. I had phantom pains at times when my heart was terrified that my healing wasn't "real" or that I was walking out emotions, but here I am almost ten years later, and I have absolutely no symptoms of fibromyalgia. I have ventured out of my comfort zones in so many ways from mission trips to becoming a fitness instructor.

I realize that I had a false view of God. I felt like I needed to perform to make God love meVikki's book helped me see God as He is and began a journey of rewiring the mindset of performance based living. For me, healing was about physical and emotional healing. My inner healing affected every facet of my life with the biggest positive impact being on my marriage.

Life is hard. There are times when I have to go back to the basics. I have come back to GGM to have SOZO sessions several times. I feel like GGM is always there to support me through life's obstacles. Each session that I've had has been eye opening. I feel like Holy Spirit speaks voluminous truths there. As far as my life, I continue to entrench myself in the Word, put on my armor of God each day, and pursue my relationship with Jesus above all else. I've learned to sit at His feet and let Jesus whisper His love over my heart. 

When I first heard about GGM, I was skeptical. I had taken "healing" Bible studies and although each teacher meant well, I was not in touch with The Healer-Jesus.

I truly believed that fibromyalgia was my "cross to carry," but it is not God's will for us to be sick. I was not believing God for His best for my life.  I felt true love and acceptance when I walked in the door of GGM. They are my second family. My husband was so interested in my changes and healing that he, too, went through inner healing. Through both of our inner healing journeys, we renewed our marriage covenant placing God at the very center of our marriage. 

Going through inner healing is more than just a desire to be physically or emotionally healed, it is opening a door to complete acceptance and freedom with Jesus. GGM counselors are equipped to lean into Holy Spirit's leading to facilitate that freedom.

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