"I was healed of 40+ years of traumatic events..." 

Today we will meet with Mark as he describes his story with Growing in Grace Ministries:

  1. Briefly describe your condition/problem/issue before discovering GGM and the reality of inner healing.

My first visit was in March 2013. I had a lot of anger, depression, and addictive issues. I was dealing with a lot of disappointment on where my marriage was, what direction we were going in life, and not seeing a lot of hope.

  1. What did the process of inner healing look like for you? How did GGM partner with you on that journey?

The first SOZO session was a turning point in my walk with God. He really revealed Himself to me in my heart. I went through the first year of Ministry Training Bible School (MTBS) and gained a new perspective on the Word and who God was for me. My wife and I were still struggling, however.

At the end of 2014, we knew something dramatic had to change. I knew about Restoration Prayer Ministry (RPM) and really wanted it for both of us. She agreed, and we began RPM in Spring of 2015.

  1. What did your recovery/growth process look like? What were some things you noticed during the healing process? What were some obstacles you faced during the process?

My process consisted of healing 40+ years of traumatic events, diving into the Word like never before, forgiving a lot of people (especially myself), and dealing with the roots of all my dysfunction – laying those things at the foot of the Cross. I noticed I could connect with Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit individually and experience the love the Father has for me.

The biggest obstacles I faced were spiritual ones. I was in a session where I was praying through forgiving people. The last part of the prayer had to deal with forgiving myself. As I attempted to verbalize that part, my jaw locked, and I couldn’t speak for what seemed to be about a minute. My freedom came as I was able to pray though that.

  1. Describe how you are continuing to walk out your healing.

I still journal when I can. My wife and I are doing well together. I’ve become involved in a prison ministry called Kairos, and we minister to inmates at Walker State Prison in Georgia. God has laid out the carpet for me, as it were, to be an instrument of His love. This process hasn’t been struggle-free, but He encourages me to come to Him.

He is more than willing to help and to love.

  1. For someone who has never considered inner healing, what would you say to encourage them to receive ministry from GGM? What benefits would you list?

When some people hear the term “inner healing,” they think something spooky or weird is going to happen. It is not something to fear, but a process that will enable you to know God in a way that you have always wanted. You will find a safe, secure, non-judgmental environment. You can be as transparent as you allow yourself to be and not be shamed or feel condemned – you will be loved and encouraged.

God has used GGM to bring more healing and hope to my life than any book, seminar, or conference ever has in my 30+ years as a Christian. He brought closure to over 40 years of emotional wounds in about six months.

I would encourage anyone thinking about inner healing to ponder these words from Graham Cooke:

What you think will take years, will take months.

What you think will take months, will take weeks.

What you think will take weeks, will take days.

What you think will take days, will take hours.

Allow God to do what He has always wanted to do in your life.

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